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Welcome to Sharon Ministries! Thanks for logging in ! God’s  grace  and  peace  be  multiplied  to  you. May this site Inspire, Encourage, Motivate and Impart the Blessings of God upon your life !
SHARON MINISTRIES – VISION: To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Length and the Breadth of the Nation of India, Showing  God’s  love,  Caring  for  the  poor  and  downtrodden, Reaching the Unreached   and  together  making  a  difference !! Sharon Ministries focuses on taking the good news to every remote , under-developed, inaccessible and unreached places in India, and practically demonstrate the Love and Miracle working Power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
GOAL:  Jesus, our Good Shepherd, cares for even one lost sheep. The goal of Sharon Ministries is to preach and share the Love and Power of Jesus Christ in every nook and corner of the great Nation of India. To prepare a group of people who will taste the Love and Goodness of Jesus Christ and experience His Mighty Power and Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! To build the church of the Living God, wherever needed. To train and equip and empower native missionaries to preach the Gospel, with signs following, and serve the Lord with fear in sincerity and truth.
Our various ministries - Evangelistic Outreach: ' Reaching the Unreached ' is the motto of Sharon Ministries. People living in the cities have many opportunities, access and resources to somehow hear the gospel of Jesus Christ through education in christian schools, mass media, mass evangelistic crusades etc. But people living in remote villages not only lack the basic facilities of electricity, roads, toilets, radio, television, medical care etc but also lack the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that,  'people PERISH for the lack of Knowledge'. John 3: 16 says," For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever BELIEVETH in him should NOT PERISH but have EVERLASTING LIFE."
How will they 'believe' unless someone 'preaches' to them..........?
How will they 'preach' unless someone 'sends' them....................?
God is asking, " Who shall I send " ?
Rev. Israel Jebaraj, Director of Sharon Ministries, has willingly submitted himself to the Divine Call and Commission of God upon his life, saying, HERE, I'AM LORD ! SEND ME !
Since the 80’s Rev. Israel Jebaraj has not been disobedient to the heavenly vision and commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He has been faithfully serving the Lord for 23 years in full time ministry, taking the Gospel to the length and the breadth of the Nation of India to the unreached and most remote places, where there is even no electricity even today, crossing rivers by foot , and forests to go to the next village, braving wild insects, reptiles and wild animals too like scorpions, snakes, foxes, tigers and elephants, and sometimes even faced danger for his own life when some evil outfits came with dangerous weapons to attack or kill him. But the Power of God always hit them that they were unable to hurt him, and they either get touched and saved or go back with unfulfilled mission and foiled plan. The Lord is using him mightily, working and confirming His word with signs and wonders following.
Rev. Israel preaches the simple gospel to these simple ignorant people, building up their faith in Jesus Christ. And God honors their simple faith, hope and trust in Him, saves their souls and opens the blind eyes, deaf ears, barren wombs, makes the lame to walk, delivers the demon possessed ,healed and raised the paralysed, heals their sick cattle, heals the water of the village too, and once even cleansed a leper in a very remote village in Maharashtra. God has also caused many kinds of tumors to disappear.

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